Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the difference between the RD7100 and the RD8100

A. The RD8100 Model offers 23 MORE frequencies than the 7100 does, if you would like more info on it please contact us at the office.

Q. Where are you guys located at?

A. We are located in Harrison, Ohio.

Q. What's the best way to go about getting pricing or a quote?

A. The best way to get a quote would be to call into the office and we should be able to direct you to the right expert for your territory.

Q. Do you guys cover all 50 states?

A. If you are looking for Radio Detection equipment we can only sell to the following states Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. However if your looking for Schonstedt or our other products we can sell to all 50 states.

Q. Is there free training whenever we need you?

A. We offer free on-site training once a year, however we do our best to make sure every customer is taken care of to the best of our ability.