Locating, Inspecting, & Fault Finding Utilities Equipment for Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, and Data


Steve and Tanner,

I want to thank you guys for taking the time to help support my group of technicians on using the RD8100 locating equipment. This helped put us in a better frame of my mind with the equipment and what we will need it for.

  • Michael C.
  • Supervisor, Gas Operations
  • Trans/Stor/Gath HP Design

Thank you. You & the team at C&S Solutions are the greatest!!

  • Mary Ann B.
  • AAATesters


We had Tanner up to our office last week to run our crews through a refresher course on using the locators in the field and he did a fantastic job! We had guys who had previously been trained multiple times walking away from his demo with a much better understanding of the principles and techniques of using the locators in the field. The guys really appreciated his efforts.

Thanks again


We appreciate every thing you do for us and all that C&S offers.

Thank you

  • Jim R.
  • Superintendent
  • Kaltz Excavating / MUE


I would like to take the time to say thank you for coming out and explaining how the City's locator works along with all it's different features. My coworkers and myself thought you were very informative and knowledgeable. So again, thank you and I'm sure we'll be contacting you in the future.

  • Tim S.
  • Water Dept. Lead Operator
  • City of Dexter


I just wanted to follow up and thank you again for coming out to our facility last Friday. We certainly appreciate all your knowledge and information pertaining to our locator. I feel bad that the traffic was so horrific!

Have a great week!

  • Lori
  • Valparaiso


I just wanted to reach out, to again say thanks for the training you provided last week. That was way above and beyond the call of duty. Rest assured when we are in the market for new equipment you will be at the top of our list.

Thanks again,

  • Joe
  • Electrical Foreman
  • Baldwin Wallace University


Thanks for taking the time to give our guys some more locating advice and equipment settings.

All the guys gave you a thumbs up on the training you supplied.


  • Mark
  • Professional Surveyor, Team Fishel


I just wanted to write you a quick note. Your man Roger Lewis really did a great job with our training today. He is very knowledgeable and has an easy style that works well with our folks. Just what I had hoped for – good training for our less experienced employees and great tips for our more experienced ones. Well done and Thank You!

  • Andreas W. Eddy

  • Public Utilities Superintendent


Just wanted to thank you again for coming down to Norris for the training. I asked all the guys and we all were very satisfied. You provided several tricks and explanations that I was never taught and I wish we had you come down years ago. Please come back and visit any time you’re in the area.

  • Katie
  • Tennessee Valley Authority


Fastest turnaround in modern times. Locator shipped off and back to work in three days?? Unheard of.

  • Pat Morley
  • Enbridge


When I get poor service from a company I will sometime call them after the fact and let them know. As is the same when I get good service. Fortunately for you and me, your company is the latter.

A while back I called your technician Jeff Favia with a problem I was having with on of my sewer cameras. He did his best to walk me through the repair over the phone, and I did the repair as he said and it worked. The other day I was having more trouble with the camera. I called Jeff and he did his best to diagnose the problem over the phone, but we discovered that I had no choice but to send the camera into him. I air freighted the item there and sent him an email letting him know that I was in kind of a panic to get it back. I am sure most of your customers are in the same situation. As soon as the item arrived to Jeff, he fixed it and had it on the way back to me.

When I get service like that, it makes being in business so much easier. Please give him a pat on the back for me. I look forward to doing more business with your company.

  • Lionel Olynick
  • Infrastructure in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Thank you very much sir! I’m sure you will be needed again - your knowledge of the locating process was priceless. Your machine was great but knowledge is the greatest gift anyone can give. God bless you!

  • Warren Williams
  • Spectra Energy


C&S Solutions has continually impressed me with their response time to my communications and their efficient and effective repairs of our equipment. Our team utilizes several products represented by C&S on a daily basis thus we experience the need for repairs consistently. C&S has always gone above and beyond to respond to my communications, offer loaner equipment to keep our teams running and repaired the broken equipment quickly. I am impressed and thankful for the customer service values obviously present at C&S. Great work!

  • Chris Moore
  • Regional Director
  • Florida / Gulf Coast Division

Thank you for all of your help. Tony and Bob really appreciated your​ training them. It helped them a great deal.

  • Chrissy H.
  • Safety Director
  • Jess Howard Electric Company

I highly recommend the Radiodetection RD8000 model that I currently have. (there may be a new model out now)

I purchased mine from Steve Beale at C&S Solutions, INC out of Cincinnati

Steve is great at coming on site to train as much as you need and in demonstrating the different models they have.

  • David Kendrick
  • Senior AutoCAD Technician
  • Wright State University
  • Engineering and Construction


Just wanted to say thanks for making the trip to Steubenville. Our guys said they have a much better feel for the locators and are much more confident using them.

  • Tom Hollingsworth
  • ArborMetrics Solutions,Inc.


I want to thank you for coming to Hudson and giving a refresher training course on our Radio Detection and Fault Wizard Equipment. Your training will prove to be beneficial to our operation and especially appreciate your quick response to our needs. We have a few linemen here that don’t operate the equipment every day in their work duties and they felt a little “rusty” on the line and fault locating procedures. Your training was very informative and left us all with the confidence in the equipment that we are using to locate electric lines and cable faults.

In the many years that I have been in the purchasing position I must say that it has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff. I have always received an answer to my questions over the phone from your staff or a callback from you within an hour. From my position it’s always comforting to know that I can pick up a phone and have a problem solved without a delay.

  • Jeffrey Fullerton
  • Purchaser, Hudson Public Power


Thanks for meeting up with me and bringing out the GPR to Jackson both for delivery and demo. I've spent the last two days swapping out batteries and charging them because I have been running the machine ragged just playing with it and getting use to the settings and figuring out what settings for different terrain and soil conditions. So far in the first 24hrs, I have really started to dial it in and get some good return/images.

Thanks again for the selling the demo and working with me on this item!

  • Tom Alsip
  • Alsip Locating Services


It is hard to believe we have been working with you guys for a little over 5 years now. I can’t imagine where we would be if we did not have the RD’s. They have really improved the services that we have been able to provide to our customers and I am convinced they have paid for themselves many times over. Without a doubt, there have been many situations where the RD has saved the job.

I know that we are your customer, but we definitely view this as a mutually beneficial relationship. We genuinely enjoy working with the team and I feel that they had our best interests in mind when we go to them with any questions or for training. While your note conveying your appreciation for the business we do with you, I just wanted to take a minute to say that we appreciate the job and the service you guys provide to our company.

  • Sincerely,
  • Matt Aston
  • President, GPRS

I wanted to formally take the time to say thank you. I really appreciate your time and help this past morning. My guys were telling me that within a few minutes you and your equipment were on the mark locating a fire line for a local business. We had doubt with the path of the fire line location, but you prevailed!! I will only give positive references for you and the company.

C & S Solutions, www.locatorguys.com did a great job in a few minutes for this project that has been going on for us over a year. Thanks Steve.

And thank you to MRWA and Chuck Klies for his tenacity and finding C & S Solutions at the Ionia Expo and sharing the information and contacts with us.

Dennis B.

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