Schonstedt Line Locators

Schonstedt Pipe & Cable Locators have been setting the standard for reliability and dependability in locating buried utilities – water pipes, sewer pipes, cable, electrical lines, and gas —quickly and easily. Schonstedt carries metal detecting and line locating tools which offer features to make finding what you need easier. Schonstedt utility line locator equipment is designed for single-handed operation using sensitivity and precision to locate underground utilities safely. In standard applications, Pipe & Cable Locators, also referred to as “line detectors” or “utility locators”, use a transmitter and a receiver. Schonstedt offers top quality line locators that are accurate, easy to use, and designed with the user in mind.

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At Locator Guys, we understand the critical role that reliable line locator equipment plays in industrial operations. That's why we not only supply top-tier locator equipment tailored to your specific needs but also ensure your team is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to use it effectively. With every purchase, we include FREE on-site training conducted by our seasoned professionals.

Our commitment to your operational excellence is ongoing. We offer additional on-site training sessions once a year at no extra cost to ensure your team remains up-to-date with the utility locator equipment functionalities. Beyond training, we provide free on-site demonstrations, 24/7 customer support, and complimentary loaner equipment during servicing times.

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u-Locate Pipe and Cable Locator

u-LOCATE allows you to quickly and accurately locate underground utilities, helping prevent costly damages, utility strikes, and service outages.

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Schonstedt XT-512 Pipe & Cable Locator

The XT-512 is an electronic locator for pipes and cables. It has been optimized for both sonde locating and camera locating, giving you the flexibility to locate multiple underground utilities with one easy and portable locating tool.


Schonstedt XTpc Pipe & Cable Locator

The XT line offers the best underground utility locating equipment in a small package. This portable utility locator system extends for greater sensitivity and retracts for easy carrying on a tool belt.


Schonstedt Rex Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator

The Schonstedt Rex is our newest underground utility locator for sale. Multiple frequencies allow you to find any type of underground utility, whether it be water, sewer, electric, telecom, or gas.



Schonstedt equipment is the best portable underground utility locating equipment for sale on the market.

Dear Steve,

Just wanted to say thanks for making the trip to Steubenville yesterday. Our guys said they have a much better feel for the locators and are much more confident using them.

Safe Travels,

Tom Hollingsworth

ArborMetrics Solutions,Inc.


Thank you very much sir! I’m sure you will be needed again - your knowledge of the locating process was priceless. Your machine was great but knowledge is the greatest gift anyone can give. God bless you!

Warren Williams

Spectra Energy