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Free Training

C&S offers free on-site training with every purchase


C&S Solutions is the place to call for locator equipment. Not only do we provide each and every one of our customers with high-tech, non-invasive locator equipment, we provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of customer service. When you purchase field survey equipment, phone line locators, or any of our other locator equipment, our staff will provide comprehensive training for your staff.

C&S Solutions offers free, on-site training with every purchase. Our experienced team will not leave your work site or location until your technicians are fully trained and feel comfortable using the equipment. We will also provide your staff with additional, free, on-site training once a year to make sure you are completely satisfied with the equipment.

In addition, we offer free on-site demonstrations of products as well as free customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and free loaners when your equipment is being serviced. We offer our customers, customer service at its best.


2020 IRWA/AWWA (Indiana Rural Water Assoc. / American Water Works Assoc.) 15th Annual Operator Boot Camp in Peru, Indiana


C&S Training


C&S Training


C&S Training


Training on the C550 in Belpre, Ohio

Free Training Provided

Basic training on the P550 crawler and P540 push camera system in the City of Kenova.


Locator/Push Camera Training &Demo on C550 System


Locator/Push Camera Training &Demo on C550 System


Sewer Camera & Locator Training in Grand Rapids, MI


Sewer Camera & Locator Training in Grand Rapids, MI


Sewer Camera & Locator Training in Grand Rapids, MI


This is delivery and training of the C550 system, with locator and push camera.


This is delivery and training of the C550 system, with locator and push camera.

locator guys - French lick, IN.jpg

2019 Midwest Damage Prevention Conference Set-Up. French Lick, Michigan.

locator guys - traverse city, mi.jpg

Locating some congested buried power with the help of power harmonics and current direction frequencies. Traverse City, MI.

locator guys - lonia, MI.jpg

Locating a fiber optic line while checking out the new RD Backpack. Lonia, Michigan.

locator guys - New Riegel, MI Pearpoint 542.jpg

Using the Pearpoint 542 Sewer Camera System along with the RD7100DL to locate the camera head in a 4" pipe. New Riegel, MI.


C&S demonstrating equipment use with a customer.

resized copy.jpeg

Training at C&S Solutions Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Delivery an trading on p550 crawler system with the city of Belpre


Training with the Jameson Duct Hunter Traceable Rodder the RD7100DL TX5


Training with Mooresville, Indiana Utility Dept. Using the RD7100DL, TX5 for locating the gas service, via tracer wire.


Upper Sandusky, Ohio


Training with Derry Electric in Warsaw, MI. Utilizing the RD8100 with the A-Frame Accessory, we pinpointed a fault in a power cable running an irrigation system.


Training with Hutchinson Electric in Waterford, MI. Here we showed that using a lower frequency and improving our grounding conditions, we can accurately locate a long ways and avoid a lot of bleed-over to other utilities. Also, it was easy to find our target line on the other side of the river by utilizing our Current Direction Frequencies in the RD8100.


Demo with Delta Township, MI. The RD7100 and RD8100 models having a constant depth reading is a huge benefit. In this picture we are doing a Depth Verification test, by raising the receiver and watching the depth reading, we can tell if we are getting a distorted field or a nice round EM field. If the depth correlates to how far we lift the receiver off the ground, we can trust that we have a round field.


Training with Michigan Gas Co in Benton Harbor, MI. With their new PCMx system we were able to spot a short in their distribution system quickly.


Bad Axe, Mi Demo on the RD7100DL. Showing how using a multiple frequency locator can be advantageous in congested areas.


Customer training with the RD7100 and Mini Duct Hunter.


Customer being trained and using the RD7100DL receiver to locate the camera sonde.


A training session with a customer in Indianapolis.

Consumers Energy in Lansing, MI .jpg

Consumers Energy Training on their new RD8100 in and around a gas distribution station. We utilized the Current Direction frequencies in this congested area for optimal locating confidence.

Bertsch Associates in Fort Wayne, IN.jpg

Bertsch-Frank & Associates demo Fort Wayne, IN. Here they are learning how inducing a signal with either a TX-5 or TX-10 in a parking lot for street lights can work if you have a hard time finding a ground or a good connection point.

Bertsch Associates in Fort Wayne, IN.jpg

Bertsch-Frank & Associates demo in Fort Wayne, IN. Here they are seeing how you can actively and passively locate energized power cables with the use of an inductive clamp, or by simply utilizing the Power mode on any RD Locator.

Bertsch Associates in Fort Wayne, IN .jpg

Bertsch-Frank & Associates demo in Fort Wayne, IN. Here they are about to hook up to the Gas Tracer Wire while using a Current Direction frequency on the RD8100 to ensure they are on the target line.

LaPorte Water Dept in LaPorte, IN.jpg

LaPorte, IN Water Dept training on their new RD7100DL. Two excited end users figuring out that the RD7100 is going to make locating their hard to find water mains and service lines a lot easier.


Aqua Indiana in Valparaiso, IN


Geode and Locators is with NITCO in Hebron, IN


Dyer Construction in Gary, IN


City of South Lyon, MI


Free on site training also available at our Head Quarters at our Harrison Office.


Our Harrison Office.


Hudson, OH


City of Marshall, MI


City of Marshall, MI


City of Marshall, MI


Meridith Township MI


Hudson, OH


Equipment Training Event


Trade show in Peru Indiana

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Training at First Energy

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I just wanted to reach out to again say thanks for the training you provided last week. That was way above and beyond the call of duty. Rest assured when we are in the market for new equipment you will be at the top of our list.

Thanks again,

  • Joe
  • Electrical Foreman
  • Baldwin Wallace University