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Featured Industry: Commercial Re-Roofers

The Commercial Re-Roofing industry has a substantial problem with driving screws through conduit containing live power lines or Data Circuits. The Commercial Re-Roofers are looking for a way to avoid hitting the wires, conduit and steel beams underneath the decking when they drive in screws to secure a new roof.

C&S Solutions, Inc. has found the perfect tool to avoid hitting live power lines, conduit and steel beams by utilizing either the Cat Plus or RD7000 locator.

Please call 513-608-5063 for more information on this exciting new technology.

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C&S Solutions, Inc. are experts in locating, inspecting and fault finding utilities as well as selling the latest equipment in radiodection, utility locators, fault locators, metal detectors, sewer cameras, and GPR ground radar. C&S Solutions, Inc. is the area distributor for Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Tennessee for all of the equipment we currently sell to monitor, locate, and fault find. In addition, we also offer free on-site demonstrations in all five states.

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