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Trade in any Radiodetection locator or any non-Radiodetection locator and receive 10% off of a new RD7100 or RD8100 locator kit.*

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  • Buy back of your Vivax-Metrotech Locator.
  • Trade your Vivax-Metrotech equipment to receive 25% off the new purchase of a Radiodetection RD7100 or RD8100.
  • Tennessee and Kentucky residents only.

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  • Purchase An RD8100 Kit (Rx, Tx And Bag) And Receive A Free FlagShooter

    Includes Model #J316-2.0 (paint can holder included) and a box of 23” custom printed flags

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    Offer expires 12/31/20

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***These promotions only apply to Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Indiana.

Purchase Our RIDGID Monitors And Cameras Online!

Locator Guys now offer online ordering. Browse through our top of the line Ridge drain & sewer video inspection products.

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Flexitrax P550c Modular Pipeline Inspection System

The flexitrax™ P550c controller is designed around the user, helping them to create survey reports more easily and more efficiently. Intuitive menus and dedicated function buttons guide you through your survey, allowing you to move to the next job more quickly.



Schonstedt Loki Pipe and Cable Locator

A Locating System That Locates All Underground Utilities For Less Than $1600. Unbelievable!



Backpack From Radiodetection

Radiodetection is a world leader in the design and development of test equipment, used by utility companies, to help install, protect and maintain their infrastructure networks.



Rycom Instruments CLAMPMITTER™

The CLAMPMITTER™ is a unique tool for inductive coupling.

This self-contained inductive transmitter increases productivity, promotes safety and simplifies locates by condensing the transmitter and inductive coupler into one cordless package. Whether climbing down a manhole or accessing a utility box, the Clampmitter is an easy alternative to suiting up with a full transmitter and wired coupler. Read More >>


NEW equipment - RD5100™ Precision Locator »

Avoid Underground Utilities

The RD5100 Series has been designed to address the issues of tracing buried pipes and cables, specifically addressing the concerns and challenges of users such as those in the Water and Gas Industries locating buried pipes and cables. Ease of use is at the heart of the products, coupled with the accuracy, repeatability and reliability you have come to expect from Radiodetection’s locator products. Read More >>


Marker Balls, The 2nd Generation

Radiodetection’s new OM2 range builds on 2 decades of experience to offer smaller, lighter Marker Balls while still providing an environmentally-friendly method of marking and protecting all types of buried assets.

After launching the new RD7100 and RD8100 Marker Locator products in July 2019, we are proud to follow that up with the all-new OM2 Marker Ball range. Read More >>

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Testimonials About the Locator Guys

I personally feel that Ron and Roger should give classes to other companies on customer service. Besides exceptional customer service, their technical knowledge and how to teach it is beyond compare. In all the years I've had to deal with contractors and businesses in the water and waste industry, these guys are way above them. It was a pleasure to not only be treated well as a customer, but to also have my training revamped and updated by these humble, generous technicians. Thank you Roger and Ron - hope to do business for many years to come.

- Mike S.


It is hard to believe we have been working with you guys for a little over 5 years now. I can’t imagine where we would be if we did not have the RD’s. They have really improved the services that we have been able to provide to our customers and I am convinced they have paid for themselves many times over.

We genuinely enjoy working with Rick Kloepfer and I feel that he has our best interests in mind when we go to him with any questions or for training. I just wanted to take a minute to say that we appreciate the job and the service you guys provide to our company.

  • Sincerely,
  • Matt Aston
  • President, GPRS

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