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Prototek has been innovating and manufacturing underground locating equipment for over 25 years. All of their products are manufactured here in the United States of America. The goal at Prototek is to engineer products to aid you to be accurate and efficient on the job site. Whether that includes pumping septics tanks, locating electrical lines or everything in between, Prototek products give you the performance technology, ease of use and durability you want.


Line Locating Sondes & Transmitters 

Pipe locator transmitters for your industry:

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We offer the best underground locating equipment to assist you with accuracy and efficiency on job sites. All line locating tools are assembled in the USA. Flushable Transmitters and Line Locating Sondes come in different sizes and models to cover any underground locating needs.


In addition to providing our customers with the best underground utility locator equipment for their needs, Locator Guys offers free, on-site training with every purchase. Our experienced team will not leave your work site or location until your technicians are fully trained and feel comfortable using the equipment. We will also provide your staff with additional, free, on-site training once a year to make sure you are completely satisfied with the utility locator equipment you have purchased.

In addition, we offer free on-site demonstrations of products as well as free customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and free loaners when your equipment is being serviced. We offer our customers, customer service at its best.

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Flushable Transmitters

The ATP-12 flushable transmitter transmits using the 223 KiloHertz frequency. Flushable transmitters are a type of sewer inspection equipment most commonly used to find blockages or collapses along sewer pipelines.


FD Series - 512 Hertz

FD transmitters which use the industry standard 512 Hz frequency for underground locating in cast iron and nonmetallic lines.


Miniature - 512 Hertz

It may be the smallest snakable transmitter in the 512Hz line, but this mini transmitter still has the power to get the job done.


HD Series - 8 KiloHertz

This 8 KiloHertz frequency DuraSonde transmitter is used for underground locator transmitting in nonmetallic lines only.


LD Series - 16 Hertz

LD-Sondes have a new, more durable design and a stronger signal. If you are looking for line locating equipment that works in ductile iron or steel pipes, this transmitter will do the job.


More Sonde Products

Radiodection has a wide range of accessories for Sonde products including connectors which allow you to connect your line locating equipment onto rods/drain pipes with various size fittings.


How To Use a Transmitter?

Find out how underground locating equipment and Sondes work and help to locate the right spot along a line.

Prototek FD

Locating Sondes Overview

A Sonde is a self-contained, battery-operated line locating transmitter used for tracing the paths of pipes, ducts, sewers and drains and in the precise location of blockages or collapses. This small electronic locator can be fitted to a flexible rod for insertion or pushing through pipes. The smaller diameter Sondes can be used in conjunction with jetting machines and blown through the duct.


Locating and Tracing a Sonde

Insert the locating Sonde in the drain or duct access and locate it while it is still just in view at the drain or duct entrance. Hold the locator vertical directly over the Sonde, keeping the antenna in line with the Sonde.

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