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Premier Underground Locating Equipment that aids you to be accurate and efficient on the job site. All the products are assembled in the USA. Flushable Transmitters and Line Locating Sondes in different sizes and models.


Flushable Transmitters

The ATP-12 flushable transmitter transmits using the 223 KiloHertz frequency.


FD Series - 512 Hertz

The FD transmitters using the industry standard 512 Hz frequency for locating in cast iron and nonmetallic lines.


Miniature - 512 Hertz

The smallest snakable transmitter in the 512Hz line. This mini transmitter still has the power to get the job done.


HD Series - 8 KiloHertz

This 8 KiloHertz frequency DuraSonde transmitter is used to transmit in nonmetallic lines only.


LD Series - 16 Hertz

LD-Sondes havea new more durable design and stronger signal. If you are going to locate in ductile iron or steel pipes this transmitter will do the job.


More Sonde Products

Radiodection has a wide range of accesssories for sonde products including connectors for connecting onto rods/drain pipes with various size fittings.

How To Use a Transmitter?

Find out how underground locating equipment and sondes work and help to locate the right spot along a line.

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Locating Sondes Overview

A sonde is a self-contained, battery-operated transmitter used for tracing the paths of pipes, ducts, sewers and drains and in the precise location of blockages or collapses. The sonde can be fitted to a flexible rod for insertion or pushing through pipes and the smaller diameter sondes can be used in conjunction with jetting machines, and blown through the duct.


Locating and Tracing a Sonde

Insert the sonde in the drain or duct access and locate it while it is still just in view at the drain or duct entrance. Hold the locator vertical directly over the sonde with the antenna in line with the sonde.

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