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RD 7000 / 8000 & RD 7100 / 8100 Software Updates

How to Upgrade Free Radiodetection RD7000/8000 & RD 7100 / 8100 Software

1) Go to Radiodetection web site by clicking here

  • A) Select your product
  • B) Scroll down to Software and click "Find Out More"
  • C) Scroll down to Download and click the appropriate software and download the software to your desktop
  • D) After downloading on your desktop, click on the icon for Centros manager
  • F) Follow the prompts given by the software

2) For RD 7000/ 8000 & RD 7100 / 8100 receiver plug in USB cord, connection is in battery compartment

  • A) On your desk top, click on Centros Manager and select option one, receiver
  • download. A picture of the receiver will appear. Click on green icon with arrow (located in upper left corner).
  • B) A new dialog box will appear, follow instructions
  • C) Download RD 7000 / 8000 & RD 7100 / 8100 receiver.

3) For RD TX3 & TX5 and TX10 transmitters, plug in USB cord, connection is also in battery compartment. Please note, after plugging in USB cord, put transmitter on table with tray down. This keeps the unit powered up with the batteries.

  • A) On your desk top, click on Centros Manager and select option two, transmitter download. A picture of the transmitter will appear. Click on the same green icon with arrow as you did with the receiver.
  • B) A new dialog will appear, follow instructions.
  • C) Download TX 3 , TX 5, or TX10 Transmitter

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