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Locatable Rods

Locatable rod equipment can be pushed through small areas to help locate problem lines, as well as in a non-invasive setting. It can also be used in a live gas line settling by using a stuffing box. 


Locatable rods are a non-invasive underground pipe locator tool ideal for tracing underground conduit or pipe. Duct rodders are designed to be used with standard underground pipe locator equipment to trace the length of the rod, making locating non-conductive ducts up to 10' depth a simpler task. Locatable rods are the best underground utility locating equipment for PVC gas services, and you don’t even need a tracer wire.

We currently have the following underground utility locating equipment for sale in our lineup:



In addition to providing our customers with the best underground utility locator equipment for their needs, Locator Guys offers free, on-site training with every purchase. Our experienced team will not leave your work site or location until your technicians are fully trained and feel comfortable using the equipment. We will also provide your staff with additional, free, on-site training once a year to make sure you are completely satisfied with the utility locator equipment you have purchased.

In addition, we offer free on-site demonstrations of products as well as free customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and free loaners when your equipment is being serviced. We offer our customers, customer service at its best.

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Jameson Live Gas/Water Rodders

Fiberglass rod with tracer wire and grounding with integrated Stuffing Box that locates live plastic lateral gas lines from meter to the main.

Use Jameson Live Tracer™ Traceable Rodder with transmitter and receiver to locate live plastic gas service lines from meter to main. Connect...


Duct Hunter Traceable Rodders

Duct Hunter Traceable Rodders are your non-invasive underground pipe locating solution. Copper trace wire in the rod means no digging or trenching, just user-friendly locating.

Copper wire inside fiberglass core is energized with an electromagnetic signal that is detectable above ground...

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Mini Traceable Rodders

The Mini-Duct Hunter™ is a traceable duct rodder that offers a non-invasive solution for locating and mapping underground ducts and pipes measuring between ½ and 1 ½ inches. The detectable fiberglass rod incorporates a 22 AWG copper trace wire that can be located at depths up to 10 feet. When...

Big Buddy® Duct Conduit Rodder.png

Big Buddy® Duct Conduit Rodder

Big Buddy® Duct Conduit Rodders are heavy duty, non-conductive and ideal for manhole-to-manhole work or long-run cable pulls. Its round, flexible rod slides easily over wires in occupied conduit. It has exceptional bending strength for maneuvering tight turns and will not kink. Big Buddy®...


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