Locating, Inspecting, & Fault Finding Utilities Equipment for Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, and GPS

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  • Serving: Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana
  • Address: 10055 Progress Way, Harrison, Ohio 45030

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  • Address and New Mailing Address:
  • 10055 Progress Way, Harrison, Ohio 45030

Directions from I-74 EAST:

  1. Take Exit 1 for New Haven Road
  2. Turn Left onto New Haven Road
  3. Follow New Haven Road for 0.2 miles
  4. At the first light, Turn Left onto Progress Way
  5. Follow Progress Way around a right turn and Remain on Progress Way
  6. At the end of Progress Way, you will see a Concrete Path turn into a Gravel Driveway
  7. Use the Concrete Path and Follow the Gravel Driveway
  8. Your Destination will be at the End of the Gravel Driveway

Please use the map on the right to help you!

The Locator Guys

Customer Testimonial


C&S Solutions has continually impressed me with their response time to my communications and their efficient and effective repairs of our equipment. Our team utilizes several products represented by C&S on a daily basis thus we experience the need for repairs consistently. C&S has always gone above and beyond to respond to my communications, offer loaner equipment to keep our teams running and repaired the broken equipment quickly. I am impressed and thankful for the customer service values obviously present at C&S. Great work!

  • Chris Moore
  • Regional Director
  • Florida / Gulf Coast Division

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