Locating, Inspecting, & Fault Finding Utilities Equipment for Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, and Data

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Address: 10620 New Haven Rd, Harrison, Ohio 45030

Directions from I-74 EAST

  • Take Exit 1 for New Haven Road
  • Turn Left onto New Haven Road
  • Follow New Haven Road for 0.2 miles
  • At the first light, Turn Left onto Progress Way
  • Follow Progress Way around a right turn and Remain on Progress Way
  • At the end of Progress Way, you will see a Concrete Path turn into a Gravel Driveway
  • Use the Concrete Path and Follow the Gravel Driveway
  • Your Destination will be at the End of the Gravel Driveway

Please use the map on the right to help you!

Midwest Division

Serving: Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Tennessee

  • 10620 New Haven Rd
  • Harrison, Ohio
  • 45030
  • Roger Lewis, Certified Specialist

  • 513-913-0245
  • roger@locatorguys.com
  • Tanner Peterson, Certified Specialist

  • 513-376-0865
  • tanner@locatorguys.com

Eastern Division

Serving South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia

  • State Route 378
  • Lexington, South Carolina
  • mindy@locatorguys.com
  • Office: 803-834-2120
  • Fax: 888-235-3140
  • Chad Beale, Certified Specialist
  • 803-834-2120
  • chad@locatorguys.com
  • Bradley Sorrells, Certified Specialist
  • 770-500-4485
  • bradley@locatorguys.com

Service and Repair

  • Jeff Favia, Factory Certified Repair Technician
  • 513-739-3082
  • jeff@locatorguys.com
  • Ron Anderson, Repair Technician
  • 513-922-7444
  • ron@locatorguys.com
The Locator Guys



C&S Solutions has continually impressed me with their response time to my communications and their efficient and effective repairs of our equipment. Our team utilizes several products represented by C&S on a daily basis thus we experience the need for repairs consistently. C&S has always gone above and beyond to respond to my communications, offer loaner equipment to keep our teams running and repaired the broken equipment quickly. I am impressed and thankful for the customer service values obviously present at C&S. Great work!

  • Chris Moore
  • Regional Director
  • Florida / Gulf Coast Division

Manufacturers We Represent: