LETS 6.0

The LETS 6.0 lateral inspection system is versatile and powerful, setting up quickly to navigate a range of pipe contours in mainlines 6″ or larger. The tractor is equipped with a camera to observe mainline conditions and monitor the lateral camera launch. A contoured chute enables the lateral camera to be easily deployed with or against the flow at a 135-degree launch angle.

LETS 6.0

Designed for Agility

  • Slim, unibody tractor to traverse pipes
  • Multiple wheel configurations to match pipe conditions
  • Contoured chute to launch the lateral camera with or against the flow
  • Lateral camera easily navigates pipe bends


  • Inspect laterals to 150′ from 6″ diameter and larger mainline pipes


  • Powerful tractor with forward, reverse and freewheel movement
  • Over-voltage protection prevents damage to the main motor drive
  • Tip-up connector for easier pipe insertion with less cable strain
  • Standard six-wheel configuration operates in 6″-12″ mainline
  • Optional Large Line Kit operates in 15″-30″ diameter pipe and larger


  • A dual joystick Xbox One® controller operates tractor and cameras
  • The system also works with legacy controller


  • Forward-facing camera captures mainline video and monitors lateral camera launch
  • Choose from a self-leveling lateral camera or a Pan & Tilt camera
  • Integrated 512hz locating beacon
  • Telescoping chute with five discrete positions provides easier lateral launching in larger pipes
LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System

LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System

LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System

LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System with Lights On

LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System Launch Angle

LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System Launch Angle

Inspecting Sewer with LETS 6.0

Worker Inspecting Sewer with LETS 6.0

LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System

LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System

Aries 150,000 Rig

Aries 150,000 Rig

Aries LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System

The Aries LETS 6.0 is a lateral inspection system designed to inspect pipelines, drainage systems and other subterranean infrastructure through the use of high-resolution cameras, lighting systems and adjustable tension arms. It is designed to navigate a wide range of pipe contours in mainlines of 6" or larger and is the ideal tool for inspecting and cleaning pipelines quickly and accurately.

Professionals in the wastewater management, plumbing, and land surveying industries will find the Aries LETS 6.0 system to be an invaluable asset when it comes to performing accurate lateral inspections quickly and efficiently — saving time, money and energy in the process.

Key Features of the Aries LETS 6.0:

  • Adjustable tensioning arms with a 5,000-pound pull capacity to keep the camera centered when inserting into tight spaces.

  • High-performance tires with superior traction to increase control and reduce slippage by up to 50%

  • Self-leveling modules which automatically adjust camera placement for improved accuracy.

  • On-board controller for monitoring progress and making adjustments mid-inspection.

  • Durable construction ensures long life with minimal maintenance required.

Customizable with different cameras, lighting systems, and cable lengths, the Aries LETS 6.0 is designed to meet specific needs while delivering outstanding performance in any environment — saving time and money. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use while its powerful components allow users to get the job done right every time, making it an essential tool for any pipeline maintenance or repair professional looking for fast results without compromising quality or safety.

Aries Industries teams up with C&S Solutions

C&S Solutions Inc. has been in service since 2001 and partnered with many top-of-the-line brands that provide underground utility locator equipment, metal detectors and sewer camera systems. Aries Industries wanted to strengthen their US market reach and C&S Solutions Inc. made the cut which allows us to not only serve Ohio, but Michigan as well! We here at C&S Solutions are beyond grateful that Aries Industries added us to their family of dealerships, as it is not easy to land on top of their list! Jim Kraschinsky, Vice- President of Sales at Aries Industries said, “We only partner with dealers who are as committed to outstanding customer service as we are.” He also made it very clear that the process was one in which it was very selective and a diligent process. Further noting that, “C&S Solutions meets our exacting criteria to provide Aries customers in their regions a great Customer Experience.”

Aries Industries, which was founded in 1985, is the industry leader in manufacturing durable video pipeline inspection and rehabilitation systems. Plus, data management software to meet the toughest challenges of underground infrastructure and environmental applications. It is with great excitement that we offer a full line of Aries Industries equipment. For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us to get unmatched customer service and video pipe inspection that can’t be touched!