Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System

The Voyager HD Mainline Inspection System is a high definition video system for inspecting mainlines relined 6″ or larger. The complete system includes a powerful transporter, a full HD 1080p WiperCam camera, and 1200’ cable reel — controlled by CANbus technology for instant crawler and camera response. Components are operated by an ergonomically advanced dual joystick controller and reel-mounted pendant.

Voyager HD Mainline Inspection System

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Features


  • Proportional steering crawler fits re-lined 6”– 36” (future up to 72”) pipes
  • Standard motorized camera lift with internal gearing
  • Digital CANbus controls for instantaneous crawler & camera response
  • Autonomous time-saving functions such as auto-drive to waypoints & auto-retrieve
  • Tool-less camera attach/detach with rugged connector
  • Tool-less cable attach/detach
  • Tough, reflective Kevlar lift strap with deployment loop
  • HD backup camera


  • Pan & tilt, 120x zoom HD camera captures and transmits excellent quality, HD video (1080 x 1920px)
  • Front camera bumpers
  • In-the-pipe Aries WiperCam lens cleaning system with field-replaceable wipers
  • Optional dual camera lasers for accurate crack measurement

Desktop Controller

  • Ergonomic controller with keyboard and dual joysticks
  • Responds to multiple controls simultaneously
  • Graphical crawler roll-angle display
  • Rollover risk alerts
  • Loss of seal integrity alerts with proactive internal pressure, temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Crawler speed display
  • Future: Ability to record in standard definition


  • Control tractor, reel & camera at the manhole with handheld pendant

Cable Reel

  • Truck-mounted reel with 1200 ft of 6-conductor cable
  • 1200-pound pull strength
  • Simple 6-wire reel termination
  • Cable management with electronic clutch responsive to crawler movement
  • Street-accessible reel controls with emergency stop button
  • Quick one-button downrigger deployment
  • Level wind with footage counter
  • Spring-loaded retractable cable rollers for easy cable removal
  • Field serviceable slipring
  • Removeable drip pan
  • Precisely adjustable drum tension control with caliper & floating rotor design
Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Crawler

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Crawler

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System WiperCam Camera

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Controller & Pendant

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Controller & Pendant

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Cable Reel

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Cable Reel

Aries Industries Teams up with C&S Solutions

C&S Solutions Inc. has been in service since 2001 and partnered with many top-of-the-line brands that provide underground utility locator equipment, metal detectors and sewer camera systems. Aries Industries wanted to strengthen their US market reach and C&S Solutions Inc. made the cut which allows us to not only serve Ohio, but Michigan as well! We here at C&S Solutions are beyond grateful that Aries Industries added us to their family of dealerships, as it is not easy to land on top of their list! Jim Kraschinsky, Vice- President of Sales at Aries Industries said, “We only partner with dealers who are as committed to outstanding customer service as we are.” He also made it very clear that the process was one in which it was very selective and a diligent process. Further noting that, “C&S Solutions meets our exacting criteria to provide Aries customers in their regions a great Customer Experience.”

Aries Industries, which was founded in 1985, is the industry leader in manufacturing durable video pipeline inspection and rehabilitation systems. Plus, data management software to meet the toughest challenges of underground infrastructure and environmental applications. It is with great excitement that we offer a full line of Aries Industries equipment. For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us to get unmatched customer service and video pipe inspection that can’t be touched!