Jameson Live Gas/Water Rodders

Fiberglass rod with tracer wire and grounding with integrated Stuffing Box that locates live plastic lateral gas lines from meter to the main.

Use Jameson Live Tracer™ Traceable Rodder with transmitter and receiver to locate live plastic gas service lines from meter to main. Connect transmitter to Live Tracer™ to energize unit with specific frequency. When energized rod is pushed into pipe, signal radiates out to surface where a receiver detects the frequency. The entire buried pipe can be traced and marked continuously from above ground by one man without digging.

  • Stuffing Box connects to any riser’s shut off valve
  • No blow-by while feeding rod into live line up to 125 PSI
  • Small bullet tip guides rod from riser to lateral transition
  • Use any transmitter and receiver to noninvasive trace gas line from above ground
  • Includes wire and clip for static grounding
  • Stuffing Box and Accessory Kit included
  • Dimensions: 22″ X 17″ X 7″

Field evaluated by GTI


Electrofusion Insertion Tapping Tee For 2" Gas Main Line

  • Attach stuffing box to electro fusion insertion tap tee (patent pending).
  • Insert traceable rod into gas main with no blow by. Use with transmitter and receiver to trace line from above ground.

Part Number

  • 16-14-600 - 600' X 1/4" Locating Rodder with Stuffing Box and Accessory Kit
  • 16-2-TEE - Electrofusion Insertion Tapping Tee

Jameson Lateral Gas Line Tracer Kit:

Fiberglass Rod and Reel with Integrated

Stuffing Box and Grounding Equipment

15-316-100-GL - 3/16” X 100’

15-316-150-GL - 3/16” X 150’

15-316-200-GL - 3/16” X 200’

15-316-250-GL - 3/16” X 250’

15-316-300-GL - 3/16” X 300’

15-316-350-GL - 3/16” X 350’


Jameson Lateral Gas Line Tracer Kit with Ball

Valve* and 2” Nipple

15-316-100-GLV - 3/16” X 100’

15-316-150-GLV - 3/16” X 150’

15-316-200-GLV - 3/16” X 200’

15-316-250-GLV - 3/16” X 250’

15-316-300-GLV - 3/16” X 300’

15-316-350-GLV - 3/16” X 350’

15-SB - Stuffing Box Only

15-146-GL - Gas Tracer End Ferrule Repair Kit

* Ball Valve allows gas to be shut off if the primary riser valve fails.

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