Magnastick MSL Magnetometer

The Magnastick MSL Magnetometer seeks ferromagnetic objects by sensing their magnetic fields. Dual sensors detect the magnetic lines of flux naturally present in ferrous (iron) materials and are not affected by non-ferrous materials such as brass, aluminum, or copper. Ergonomically designed and balanced, the Magnastick receiver is made of durable aluminum for years of trouble free use. The aluminum sensor tube is water proof up to the key pad and when submerged will locate ferrous objects under the water surface.

Power: 6 "AA" (9v total) batteries

Battery Life: ± 100 hours intermittent operation (alkaline batteries)

Audio: Waterproof mylar speaker

LCD Display : Numeric digital signal strength, +/– polarity, Bar-graph,

and low battery indicator

Weight: 2 lbs ( with batteries

Operating Temperature: -0º F to +120º F (-18º C to +49º C)

Length: 39.25"

Construction: Aluminum tube with recessed controls.

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