Radiodetection 7100 MRX Marker Ball Locator

Quick. Accurate. Safe.

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Delivers fast, accurate marker locating as well as the ability to locate cables and pipes.

Radiodetection's new range of precision locators builds on the high-performance and ergonomics of the RD7100®+ platform and is aimed at locating professionals and utility companies who need to detect utility RF markers (also known as EMS or Omni-marker) alongside buried infrastructure.

ATTENTION: The RD7000 have been discontinued by the manufacturer Radiodetection and replaced with the improved RD7100 locator system.

Featuring TruDepth™, Radiodetection's unique automatic depth measurement system, and combined utility and marker locating mode, the marker locator range delivers faster and more accurate surveys.

Interfacing to maps and GIS systems is simpler thanks to internal GPS capabilities and convenient Bluetooth® and USB connectivity. The built-in GPS option, allows to conveniently add positional data to survey measurements without the need to carry additional equipment. All locators feature Bluetooth to allow automatic measurements transfer to external device.

Monitoring usage, improving best practice,s and providing proof of work is delivered by the automatic data logging on selected models. Every second key locator parameter are saved into the unit's nonremovable internal memory for later retrieval and analysis using the convenient and reliable USB connection and RD Manager™, the PC companion of the marker locator range. GPS models will also add the benefit of proving survey locations.

ATTENTION: The RD7000 has been discontinued by the manufacturer Radiodetection and replaced with the improved RD7100 locator system. Click here to learn more about the RD7100.


  • Trade in any Radiodetection locator or any non-Radiodetection locator and receive 10% off of a new RD7100 or RD8100 locator kit.*

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  • Detect all commonly used RF utilities ball markers with automatic depth estimation for faster and accurate surveys
  • Combined mode to scan simultaneously for cables, pipes and RF ball markers reducing surveying time
  • Bluetooth connectivity as standard to interface to external devices and GIS systems

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