RD7200 Precision Locator

Quick. Accurate. Safe.

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Locating and marking buried utilities quickly, accurately and safely.

The RD7200 is a no compromise all-industry locator, designed for accurate and effective everyday use.

Precise, effective locating and tracing.

The RD7200 kit has a simple design that delivers a quick superior locate every time. Each unit contains the most advanced antenna's and software while still maintaining a very easy operation. With the new 'Guidance Mode' the locate process is completely automated. An upgrade from its RD7100 model predecessor, seven different industry specific models has combined into one beefed up RD7200 for locating all utilities.


  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Soft Carry Bag or Hard Case
  • 20ft Cables and extra 20ft extension cable
  • Ground Rod
  • Instructions
  • Additional options and upgrades are available.

Multi-Function, Multi-Industry Accurate Locating

  • Compass Orientation
  • Power filters
  • Utility specific frequencies

Speed, Accuracy, and Reliable Performance

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Provides fast, precise, and repeatable measurements
  • Sunlight readable display, high-performance audio system, and vibration alerts for noisy environments
  • Sensitive and accurate signal processing for reliable results

Protecting Technicians and Infrastructures

  • Encourage correct locator handling for improved detection
  • StrikeAlert, warns of the presence of shallow cables
  • Vibration handle, never miss a warning

Ergonomic Design, Premium Quality

  • Rugged yet lightweight and ergonomic
  • Designed and built to the highest standards in Great Britain
  • Self Test for confidence and trust in your locator measurements

Industrial Grade Display, for Outdoor Usage

RD7200 locators and transmitters use a transflective low power LCD technology that uses ambient light to improve screen readability in direct sunlight and extend battery life.

TruDepth™ and Current Readout, for Extra Assurance

Radiodetection’s TruDepth displays precise depth and current measurements, only when the RD7200 is correctly oriented above the target. Measurement consistency gives high confidence that the correct line is being followed.

High Performance Audio and Vibration Alerts, for Noisy Environments

The RD7200 waterproof speaker housing has been tuned to provide optimum resonance for your choice of high or low frequency tones.5 power output audio levels and vibration alerts, assist technicians working in challenging situations.

Peak+ Mode, for Speed and Accuracy

  • Peak+ adds the benefits of Guidance or Null locating to the accuracy of Peak mode.
  • Guidance gets you to the Peak position faster.
  • Null lets you check for the distortion caused by other utilities, spurs, or interference.

Ergonomic Design, Premium Quality- The RD7200 is a light yet rugged tool ready to operate in most difficult conditions, day after day. Radiodetection help is always at hand with our online support website.

Made in the UK – No Compromise on Quality- The RD7200 locator and transmitters are designed and manufactured in the Great Britain and are subjected to a rigorous test regime before leaving our factory.

Self-test - Operator Locate with Confidence- Confirm the integrity of the measurement system on-site. Self-test applies signals to the locating circuitry as well as checking display and power functions.

Use It All Day, Day- after Day – Light Weight and Ergonomic-The RD7200 has been design around the operator needs. The iconic industrial design provides an exceptionally well balanced, and light weight tool which is comfortable for extended periods of use.

Knowledge Base and Technical Support, When You Need It- RD7200 offers a comprehensive knowledge base library which is available to consult online from a mobile device or pc. Find an answer to or ask technical questions 24 / 7 by using Radiodetection’s support portal.


Most advanced precision locators: RD7200

  • Radiodetection’s flagship ranges locate cables and pipes quickly and accurately to help increase operators’ productivity and prevent damage to buried infrastructure


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Operation manual

The RD7200 operation manual is available for download. We strongly recommend that you periodically check when a revised manual is made available.

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Technical specs

The RD7200 technical specs is available for download. We strongly recommend that you periodically check when a revised manual is made available.

Review of the RD8200 & RD7200 locator from Radiodetection

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Radiodetection Transmitter Setup

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