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The LMX150™ FINDAR® Ground Penetrating Radar system is a compact, high resolution GPR system for utility locating.

The LMX150 FINDAR provides locating and mapping capabilities to pinpoint the location of buried metallic and non-metallic utilities.

This system features a compact cart allowing you to easily transport to site and use the unit in confined areas, while still handling all field terrains you may encounter in your daily work. The LMX150™ FINDAR®’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to collect and process data for immediate results in the field. The high-resolution GPR sensor is optimized for shallow utilities.

LMX150™ FINDAR® GPR complements traditional pipe and cable locators and allows you to locate targets below the surface such as:

  • Metal utilities, including pipes and cables
  • Non-metallic pipes, including PVC and asbestos cement
  • Concrete storm and sewer systems
  • Utilities where installed tracer wiring has failed
  • Underground storage tanks and drainage tiles
  • Septic system components
  • Fiber optic cables Non-utility structures such as vaults, foundation walls and concrete pads
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LMX150™ for Forensics

LMX150™ FINDAR® uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to enable law enforcement to quickly and effectively search/survey for evidence buried under the ground.

The advantage of GPR compared to other commonly-used subsurface search technologies, such as metal detectors, is its ability to detect both metallic and non-metallic objects. LMX150™ FINDAR® can locate:

  • Clandestine graves
  • Drugs or money buried in metal or plastic containers
  • Buried weapons and ammunition stashes

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Sensors and Software LMX150™

Sensors and Software LMX150™

The simple, affordable way to Locate & Mark™ utilities in the field

  • High visibility touch screen display unit
  • Free lifetime system software updates
  • User selectable languages
  • Metric and US Standard units
  • GPR Sensor
  • Patented ultra-wideband (UWB) 500 MHz GPR antenna
  • Scanning depth up to 3m (10 feet)

Optional External GPS- For high accuracy positioning and mapping

Lead Acid Gel Cell Battery - Long lasting and swappable

Produce instant on-site reports from your display unit

Integrated GPS receiver for geo-referencing data

Compact Lightweight Fiberglass Cart Frame - No metal parts that would interfere with GPR signals Rugged, all-terrain cart with integrated odometer, easily maneuverable over any surface

USB for easy data transfer

Built-in Wi-Fi capability

Most advanced precision locators: Sensors and Software LMX150™

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Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are available for download.