Hathorn Inspection Camera, WiFi

Now with the Hathorn Wi-Fi reels you can complete inspections without the use of a traditional monitor. The Wi-Fi reels send a wireless WIFI signal directly to your mobile device in high definiition video that can be recorded and saved in your photo folder. Once the video is selected it can be sent via text, email, airdrop, Facebook, Cloud, etc. The possibilities are endless. Multiple reel sizes, pushrod diameters and camera heads are available.

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Key Features:

  • Monitor free reels, NO cords, NO heavy monitor cases, NO screens to damage.
  • Easy wireless video transfer from reel to mobile device.
  • On screen resettable footage counter.
  • 512Hz powerful SONDE transmitter.
  • Auto iris camera element automatically adjusts picture lighting.
  • Connect multiple devices at once.
  • Record in high compressed video, easily manage video files and snapshot pictures.
  • Videos and pictures area saved right in your picture app.
  • Downloadable Wi-Fi App.

Hathorn Wi Fi Reel Tutorial

Hathorn M18 Command Module Tutorial

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