Omni Utility Marker Balls

The Omni Marker from Radiodetection is used in conjunction with the PXL2-4M and PDL2-4M series of locators. This is a passive device that can be used to mark underground facilities. Simply toss the Omni Marker into the ground (trench, excavation etc) at the point to be marked, and backfill. The Omni Marker can then be located at a later date using the Omni receiver.


  • Lightweight.
  • Greater range.
  • Uniquely shaped, enabling it to fit into smaller trenches.
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  • The type of coils fitted in the Omni Marker provide a field shape that is more uniform than the 3M Marker Ball. The field shape of the 3M Marker Ball is biased upwards and can be easily missed.
  • The Omni Marker, together with the Omni PXL2-4M and Omni PDL2-4M series of locators, provides a complete solution to marking and locating a specific utility/facility etc.

Omni ball markers are used for: