Radiodetection Earth Mat

Designed Primarily With Your Safety In Mind.

Introducing Radiodetection's Latest Accessory: The Earth Mat (10/TX-EARTHMAT)

The Earth Mat is the latest innovation in our accessory lineup, designed to enhance safety in locating buried utilities. By using the Earth Mat, you can detect buried utilities without the need to insert an Earth Stake into the soil. This stainless steel mesh mat (7" square) helps you scan without striking a utility underneath.

How Does It Work?

Simply unfold the Earth Mat and place it flat on the ground. Connect it to your black Transmitter or Genny DC Lead. Pour a little water on the Earth Mat and begin scanning right away—it’s faster and simpler than traditional methods. After scanning and confirming there are no hazards, Radiodetection recommends to then use your Earth Stake in the typical way.

  • TX-5-Earth-Mat-on-Dirt-06480x320px.jpg
  • Genny_and_Earth_Mat_Tarmac_10480x320px.jpg
  • Earth_Matt_and_Tx-10_07.jpg
  • EarthMatWater.png

Main Benefits

  • Locate buried utilities without risk of striking them.
  • Useful on surfaces that are difficult to penetrate with an Earth Stake, like concrete or asphalt.
  • Easily connects to your Tx10/Tx10B, Tx5 Transmitter or Genny4