Radiodectection 5000wL

Radiodetection RD5000™WL

This is a discontinued product. Check out the new NEW RD7200


Simplifies the task of locating specific pipes in large underground networks.

The RD5000WL has two operation modes:

Guidance Mode

Directs the operator to the target pipe or cable centerline using proportional directional arrows and differentiated audio tones. The target position indicator directs the operator to the target pipe or cable, the orientation of which is indicated by Compass.

Signal Strength Mode

Numerical indication, from 0 to 999, of the strength of the field given out by the target, helping the user to pinpoint its position amongst other conductors. Compass is also shown in this mode to indicate the relative orientation of the conductor.

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Five reasons to purchase an RD5000WL

1. Guidance Mode

The RD5000WL buried line locator arrows guide the user towards the target. The shorter the tail, the closer you are to the target.

2. Compass

Follow the orientation of the target pipe or cable with the on-screen indicator.

3. Ease of Use

Single button operation allows you to concentrate on the job, not the tools you are using.

4. Single Button Operation

The Radiodetection RD5000WL locator and transmitter operate from a single button, making it one of the easiest products to use.

5. Single Frequency

The RD5000WL operates at 83 kHz, a frequency that travels well along pipes such as gas and water pipes that may have gaps between sections.

High Frequency Pipe Location

The combination of RD5000WL locator and RD5000WLT transmitter provides a single high frequency that is particularly suited to the task of locating jointed pipes, which pose a particular challenge due to isolative seals between sections. The signal can be applied by direct connection, or with a clamp, or by induction, which is also an excellent way of lighting up all nearby conductors for blind locates.


This powerful digital signal processing engine automatically rejects adjacent bleedover signals, leading to more accurate location in increasingly congested underground utility networks. Dynamic Overload Protection

Extends the RD5000WL’s locate capability into areas where other products fail. Dynamic Overload Protection allows the user to continue to locate accurately in areas with high levels of electromagnetic interference, such as power sub-stations, beneath high voltage transmission lines or overhead and railway HV cables.

Directional Audio Tones & Proportional Guidance Arrows

In Guidance Mode the direction and distance to the target pipe or cable is indicated by intuitive proportional arrows - the length of the arrows indicates the distance from the target pipe or cable. A continuous tone to the left and an intermittent tone to the right help to guide the user towards the target.


Unique to Radiodetection precision locators, eCALTM allows users to validate the original factory calibration of the RD5000WL locator. By checking the responses of all relevant internal components, eCALTM provides the user with confidence that the locator performs as it did when it first left the factory.

eCALTM can be carried out on-site and allows the owner to print a validation certificate without the need to first return the RD5000WL to a service center.

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Radiodetection’s know how and experience is encapsulated within Centros. A blend of new and innovative algorithms with established software, together with a high-performance processor core combine to improve the accuracy and repeatability of measurements and responsiveness in the field.

Centros Manager

A Radiodetection applications suite for Microsoft® Windows® for managing the RD5000WL locator from a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Validate locator calibration through eCALTM
  • Remotely update product software as upgrades are released by Radiodetection

Single Frequency Transmitter

The RD5000WLT transmitter provides a powerful output at 83kHz, optimized for water and gas pipes with poor electrical connections between sections. An integrated Lithium Ion battery provides more than a full working day’s operation (between 0-40°C (32°-104°F)) from a 4–hour charge, or the transmitter can be powered by 4X D-Cell (LR-20) batteries if preferred.