Schonstedt Loki Pipe and Cable Locator

A Locating System That Locates All Underground Utilities For Less Than $1600. Unbelievable!

Make A Clean Sweep

Failure to accurately identify the presence of utilities may result in damage to underground pipes and cables which, in turn, can lead to utility outages, costly repairs and project delays. In some instances personal injuries can result. Loki is the perfect tool for “sweeping” a large area to quickly and easily locate buried assets. Loki is loaded with features that support quick and easy detection and the safely uncovering of utility lines.

Operating Modes

Simple mode selection matches Loki to the signal type being located.

Sonde Mode

Detects the signal radiated by a compatible sonde.

Transmitter Mode

Detects the transmitter signals imposed on buried utilities

Power Mode

Detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables

Dual Mode

Simultaneously searches for and identifies Transmitter and Power signals for quick sweeps.

Shallow Alert™

While common practice and guidelines call for burying power cables below a certain depth, shallow cables are a common cause of cable strikes, damage, and injury.

Shallow Alert™ warns the user to the possible presence of shallow cables and utility lines in all modes.

Noise Protect™

Automatically manages the system gain to compensate for strong signals, e.g. from mains power or substations,

to enable accurate locating.